A Victorious Day

Today has been a big day; I’ve accomplished three things that I feel really good about:

This morning I did my entire 60 minute kettlebell class using an 8 lb bell. Assuming that my arms are still attached tomorrow, that’s pretty exciting.

For weeks now I’ve had a weekly task to register for the weekend with Her Eminence Mindrolling Khandro Rinpoche. Today I finally got to wipe that off the dry erase board. I am so excited for this special weekend!

Do you ever have tasks that you’ve been putting off for so long that they take on a disproportionate amount of importance in your mind? I’m talking about a normal, everyday thing that other people manage to do with no thought that you’ve been putting off for so long that it starts to seem impossible? That’s what my last accomplishment today was like.

I finally, finally applied for my passport! I’ve been saying to myself for almost a decade, “I need [should, have, etc] to get my passport so I can finally leave the US”.

I decided on Monday that that was going to happen this week. Wednesday, in fact. I made it my only task for today, that’s how serious I was about it (and how much I was overthinking it, because it took maybe 45 minutes and most of that was just waiting in line). I was literally shaking with nerves from the moment I arrived at the post office until I said goodbye to the (incredibly nice and patient) woman who was helping me.

Freedom is one of my most important values, and by continually putting off getting a passport I was neglecting that part of my life.

Here’s to freedom, and learning new massage modalities all over the world!

We Love Evanston Day

WeLoveEvanston Day_square

Hey Locals! This Saturday, March 7th, is We Love Evanston Day. Evanston, IL is in 4th place in the World Wildlife Fund’s We Love Cities Competition and Heartwood Center for Body Mind Spirit  is having a special Spring Renewal event featuring some of our practitioners to help get out the vote.

Dr. Kenton Anderson will talk about living with thyroid disease, Gina Griffin-Hill, CHHC, AADP will have a clean eating workshop, and Marsha Smith, LCSW will have a group mindfulness and focusing session. The program runs from 1 pm-4 pm, the suggested donation is $10.00.

I hope some of you can make it out, let’s show WWF why Evanston is number one!

Heartwood Community Night

Heartwood Center’s next Community Night is on Oct. 7th. These nights feature different Heartwood practitioners and teachers donating their services to the community. From 5:30-7:30 pm I will be giving 20-Minute clothed bodywork sessions designed to leave the body feeling relaxed and grounded. There are five other practitioners participating that night, with offerings including: auricular acupuncture, group mindfulness practice, Thai bodywork, group stress busters, and mini health assessments. If you haven’t checked out Heartwood Center yet, this is a great time to come see it!

The suggested donations $10-$30. See Heartwood’s website for a link to RSVP.

Friday Bonus Post!

Just a quick reminder that there are still tickets available to the Heartwood Foundation Benefit tomorrow night. I’m giving a $10.00 discount on massage or MLD to anyone who goes. Plus, I made some dessert!

Raw mango tart with fresh organic strawberries