Bring Your Own

If you’ve followed my exploits on social media this summer you may have noticed a trend: I got a lot of coffee on the go. Like, a lot.

That’s fine. It’s not a very cost-effective habit for wannabe adventurers, but sometimes a gal’s gotta splurge.

There’s one thing about it that I really regret; I got many these delicious beverages in paper and plastic cups. I’m generally pretty conscientious about my environmental footprint, but I just chose apathy in those cases.

No more! Klean Kanteens are on sale at Whole Foods right now, so I treated myself to one.

Specifically, this one
Specifically, this one

The paper label invites purchasers to “Take the Pledge” and I’m a sucker for pledges. And purple.

For the next 30 days I’m going to refuse single use containers. No more salad bar takeaway, no more plastic cutlery, no more paper coffee cups! Yes to my new favorite companion (name TBD).

How about you? How have you reduced your footprint? How do you grab food on the go?*

*Suggestions especially welcome on that last one!