The End is the Beginning

It’s been a really great 2.5 years writing this blog. I’ve learned so much in this time, had great conversations, and rediscovered my passion for the written word. I owe so much of that to those of you who have participated in this community!

The time has come to move on, however, as I change the majority of my business focus to personal development and small business consulting (no worries existing massage clients, I’m still doing that too!). It’s time for this blog to wind down while I focus on the new site and newsletter.

If you like what I’ve done here, why not head over to the new site and check it out! You can read a more in-depth version of my story. I’m also inviting readers to share their own stories.

I’m so excited for this next chapter in my career, and I hope to see many of you there!

Lots of love,

Maggie O.

Upcoming Workshop

Next month I’ll be giving a workshop with Marsha Smith, LCSW at Cultivate Urban Rainforest & Gallery.

I’m so excited present my method to use a journal to build self-esteem and self-confidence, and to hear Marsha present her method of dream interpretation! We’re going to have fun while getting empowered to get in touch with our creativity.

You can find more information and buy tickets through Eventbrite here.

A bat plant! one of many awesome plants you can find at Cultivate
A bat plant! one of many awesome plants you can find at Cultivate

A Priority Shift

Hey Everybody! I’ve had so much fun increasing my writing this last month. Watching the views, likes, and follows grow, and hearing from new people has been a true joy. Yesterday I decided to write a poem before working on a blog post. Guess what happened? I wrote a new poem! I realized that I’ve been […]

Shaking It Up

I haven’t been posting as much on here lately, I know. There are so many things I want to do this summer, that the blog became less and less of a priority. Frankly, it was feeling like a chore. I realized what the problem was yesterday, when I was captioning that awful food picture: I was making this blog too serious. Again.

Wellness and self-care are topics that I take very seriously, but sometimes I let that overwhelm my naturally silly personality. I think it’s time to bring a little more of that to this space. After all, laughter is the best medicine (after food, probably).

Why a photo of a peeled onion on the red line tracks? Because it matches the last few posts and really ties the room together.
Why a photo of an onion on the red line tracks? Because it matches the last few posts and really ties the room together.

Laugh on!

A Subtle Hint

If you aren’t subscribed to my monthly newsletter yet, you might want to do that. I’m pretty excited about my upcoming August promotion, and I’d hate for any locals to miss out. You can either use the link on my blog, or sign up on my Facebook page (and give me a like while you’re at it).

We now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

A Quick Update

If you’re new here, or it’s been awhile since you’ve read my about page, I just updated it. I was holding back in previous versions, trying to put a shiny face on the beginning of my journey. No more. I’ve finally embraced that I have a story to tell, and that my accomplishments of the past two years are worth sharing. So take a look, I hope you enjoy it!

So Long, Chitown!

Moderation is going to be spotty around here for a couple of days (not that I really need to do any, but just in case my popularity suddenly skyrockets- ha!) while I’m out of town.

The plan was to spend a week in a cabin in Kentucky, hiking and soaking up some nature. The reality is a couple days in Michigan checking out the other side of my beloved inland sea.

So I’ll be away from the blog until the weekend, and mostly away from social media too. Have a great rest of the week, I’ll be back and ready to write next week!

We Love Evanston Day

WeLoveEvanston Day_square

Hey Locals! This Saturday, March 7th, is We Love Evanston Day. Evanston, IL is in 4th place in the World Wildlife Fund’s We Love Cities Competition and Heartwood Center for Body Mind Spirit  is having a special Spring Renewal event featuring some of our practitioners to help get out the vote.

Dr. Kenton Anderson will talk about living with thyroid disease, Gina Griffin-Hill, CHHC, AADP will have a clean eating workshop, and Marsha Smith, LCSW will have a group mindfulness and focusing session. The program runs from 1 pm-4 pm, the suggested donation is $10.00.

I hope some of you can make it out, let’s show WWF why Evanston is number one!

January Sale with Bonus Fun

For the month of January my massage packages are an extra 5% off! Massage is a great way to jumpstart your self-care routine in 2015, and this is a great price. The regular prices are listed on my website.

Now for the bonus fun portion: I am on Instagram! As some of you know, when the wrist pain started I had to quit endurance cycling (for now). So I took up running and had to quit because of joint pain (for now). I went back to taking daily walks, and that’s been pretty nice.

Now that it’s really, really winter here in Chicago I thought it might be extra motivation for me to get out there if I’m documenting my walks in some way. So I pledge to add at least one photo on Instagram per daily walk. If you want to check it out I’m “wellnessadventuring”.

I hope that those of you who are also enduring the deep freeze are finding adventures of your own!

Classic Chicago beach wear (not pictured: very warm boots)
Classic Chicago beach wear (not pictured: very warm boots)


New Look

I’m doing that thing bloggers do sometimes (besides wear blazers with jeans and sneakers) and messing around with the appearance of my blog. I’ll probably be playing around with it for the rest of 2014 or so. Feel free to let me know what you think, but please only do it in the comments of this post. Thanks!