This is a blog about me, Margaret Olson, and my adventures in wellness and massage therapy. I started this blog at the end of one of the lowest periods of my life. A mystery wrist injury cost me my job (and my career it seemed), the pain was so bad I could at times that I had trouble with even the most basic life tasks. Then I found out a close family member was very sick. My job and favorite hobbies weren’t available to me and I spent half my time away from home trying to help my family. The only thing that got me out of bed in the morning were the aches and pains that only movement could decrease. I spent most of my days on the couch watching TV. I was 31 and considered my life basically over.

My blog was originally intended to be about establishing my professional reputation. Many of my early posts were about massage, and starting a new business. I struggled to find new things to say about it and new stories to tell. I still felt a lot of shame about my wrist pain, I tried to keep my struggles off the blog.

Eventually, I realized that my story isn’t strictly about starting a massage therapy practice. It’s the story of a young woman who went from the person in my previous paragraphs to someone who feels well enough that I plan to run my first marathon the year I turn 35. Some of the best credentials I have are as someone who struggles with chronic pain. It isn’t just a sometimes debilitating condition I have; it’s a tool that makes me more sensitive to my client’s pain.

This blog is musings from someone who is going from surviving to thriving. It is my hope that you’ll find some inspiration here to make your own life feel better to you. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel well.

I’ll post mostly stories about my own journey towards greater wellness, interspersed with some posts about my business, events, and occasional creative writing projects.  Commas will be over-used and hilarity will occasionally ensue.

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, cooking, outdoor adventuring (even if it’s only a brisk walk around my neighborhood), and try not to watch too much television.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my business, including hours and rates, check out my website here.

Legal Stuff: This blog does not contain medical advice, nor should it be used as advice on exercise or diet. Those seeking advice should speak with your physician and any other appropriate health professionals. Adventuring Toward Wellness is intended for informational and fun purposes only. No liability of any sort is assumed for the use of this website.


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