Fall Colors at the Botanic Garden

It’s time once again for “Everyday Adventures” where I embrace the possibility of adventure in my ordinary life. For this adventure, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and snuck off to the Chicago Botanic Garden. It’s only a 35 minute train ride from my neighborhood (well, the neighborhood north of mine), but I have never bothered to go by myself. Challenge accepted.

I took almost 200 pictures all together, and only 10% of those were so bad that they needed to be deleted right away- not bad.

The Carillon:

I am obsessed with this structure. I really want to go sometime when there’s actually a musician playing it.

The Sculptures:

The Waterfall Garden:

The Landscape:

The Wildlife:

As adventures go, this was one of my favorites so far. I walked in every outdoor garden, and felt like a real champ for taking advantage of this last burst of mild weather.

How about you? Did anyone else play outside this week?

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