A Priority Shift

Hey Everybody!

I’ve had so much fun increasing my writing this last month. Watching the views, likes, and follows grow, and hearing from new people has been a true joy.

Yesterday I decided to write a poem before working on a blog post. Guess what happened? I wrote a new poem! I realized that I’ve been so focused on this blog, I’ve been letting some of my other priorities slide. And slide a lot.

Also, this was originally supposed to be a massage therapy blog (hence the domain name), but… I just don’t have much to say about massage. Yet, blogging under my credentials really limits the things I feel comfortable saying.

Keeping things in perspective
Keeping things in perspective

For the time being, I’m backing off on my blogging schedule. I’m aiming for around two posts per week. I plan to use that time to focus on my art and a big new project I’ve got in the works (details coming soon).

In the meantime, I’m excited to keep up with some of the new blogs I’ve found through this site. I really hope that you all have enjoyed this activity spike as much as I did!

Possibly the best advice, ever
Possibly the best advice, ever


Yes, I plan to continue to blog about my running. I’m just having way too much fun and “meeting” way too many awesome people to knock that off!

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