Milwaukee, I Heart [Attack] You!

Once again, I was supposed to spend last week out in a cabin someplace; hiking, meditating, and generally decompressing.

This time, my consolation trip was a weekend in Milwaukee. I’d never actually been in the city itself before, just gone around it on my way to more exotic locales. Like Madison or Minneapolis.

Within 30 minutes of arrival, I found the Milwaukee Public Market, Cafe Benelux, The Wicked Hop, and the 5 lbs I lost this year. I was smitten. And that’s before even talking about the museum, lakefront, and river walk.

By the end of the trip I had walked approximately 50 miles, and I was ready to punch someone for a carrot or cucumber. So. Much. Meat and dairy.

It was great to have a little break, now I’m glad to be back in action. I hope you all got to enjoy a holiday weekend too!

Featured Image: Kristopher Volkman, “Milwaukee Art Museumcc by-sa 2.0 No alterations were made (why would I??)




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