So This is a “Monday”

If I concentrate on the past, I think I can remember a time when there was a consistent “ugh”-ness about Mondays.

I’ve been self-employed for a good while now though, so I kind of forgot that having “a case of the Mondays” is a thing.

Then today happened. Sometime between slogging along hauling my laundry backpack (it was only 15 lbs this week!) and laptop along a sidewalk that had been torn up, the blog post that just wasn’t working, and the millionth time I got tangled up in something I started telling myself that I was having a Monday.

The 1,000,001 time I got tangled up in a chord (you think I’m being figurative, but that number might be actual) and used my new favorite phrase- which is definitely not allowed on this blog- I finally called myself out on it.

Well, sort of.

What I really did was embrace all the nonsense, laugh and buy myself a big jar of coconut butter. Which I am about to go to town on.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and therefor a new opportunity to have a good day.

One thought on “So This is a “Monday”

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