Making Peace

I’ve joked about how poor my sleep has been lately, because at this point I’d prefer to see the situation as humorous. Being self-employed gives me a lot more control over my life than the majority of my readers (and I know how lucky I am, believe me), which makes it possible for me to cut myself additional slack these days. I’m not going to let this setback interfere with my hands-on work.

One of the mental shifts I’ve made during this most recent bout with insomnia has been to give up the need to control my sleep. To be clear, I’m not giving up on getting better, I’m giving up on worrying about when it happens. I’m shifting my focus to trying new interventions and then observing the results.

This ability to choose my perspective in a deliberate way is one of the most profound mental shifts that practicing mindfulness has brought to me. In years past this level of insomnia would have caused me much distress, further aggravating the situation. Now, by pausing and accepting my current status, I can allow myself a space for change to happen.

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