This is My Work

I know I’ve already written about  the profound effect reading “Show Your Work” had on me. It’s geared mainly towards artistic types, and I was reading it from the perspective of a writer who takes photographs. I figured it was going to mainly inspire my creative writing, and maybe just spill over a little bit to this blog.

Then the weather was beautiful and I sat outside with my notebook.
Then the weather was beautiful and I sat outside with my notebook.

As you’ve already seen, my activity online has increased quite a bit in the past week or so. It was this past Friday when I had a pretty important realization: this blog is a part of my work. Duh. Some of my most important work is improving my own wellness, and this blog is the map I’m making as I go along. It’s the kind of obvious truth that just glides under my radar until the moment comes when it hits me in the face. Like some kind of inspiration pie.

I’ve realized that one of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to have a creative outlet. It took some bouncing around from class to class, but my life is so much richer now. That creative energy infuses all parts of my life, I’m practically jumping out of bed every morning (no small feat, because sleep and I have not yet made our peace) ready to see what my day has in store. Today it’s rain and technical difficulties with my main computer, tomorrow could bring anything!

Find your creative outlet, something that brings you satisfaction and joy. Don’t forget to share your work.

5 thoughts on “This is My Work

  1. Dear Margaret,Thank you for showing your work. You are finding your way.Good work, and happy trails.

  2. M- I’m making time to enjoy *your* creative outlet. Seems like the best I can do at the moment, so thanks!

  3. The very thing I’m working on – finding a creative outlet. The idea of then sharing that work, even calling it “work”, rather terrifies me, which gives me a hint it’s something I could take on and shake loose a lot of personal power from. Love this post, and all your recent sharing of your work, thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping by, J! As I said, it took a while for me to find the right outlet and tap into it. It didn’t feel like work though, because I had a lot of fun along the way (well, it mostly didn’t feel like work). I think you will find it empowering, and I think you have nearly limitless potential to inspire other people if and when you do start to share your work!

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