Make it Social

One of the biggest pleasures of doing Women Out Walking so far has been the social aspect. Even when I’m alone, it’s so much more fun to walk knowing that I’m participating in something larger.

How can you make some of your exercise into a group activity? Local women can still sign up for W.OW.* For my other readers, there are many ways you can make fitness a social experience.

The simplest way is to start a walking group of your own. Recruit some friends and set up a time to walk together (the more frequent, the better!). You could start a private Facebook group to arrange walks and encourage each other in between. If you’re looking to meet new people, why not set something up on  Meetup?

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could ask your city’s Health and Human Services department to explore doing something like W.O.W. where you are. It’ll take organization, time, and probably some luck, but you have very little to lose.

Fun is such a key component of wellness. We often tend to overlook how important it is to achieving our goals. How likely are you really to stick with an activity if you’re bored or unhappy? If you make it fun you’ll be more likely to stick with it, and I think you’ll be happier overall.

* Speaking of W.O.W. I am leading a group walk this Sunday, May 3rd. We’re meeting in front of Heartwood Center at 9:30 am to carpool over to the North Branch trail where we will walk for approximately 60 minutes. Please come join me if you can! (Note that this event will be canceled if it rains.)


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