Take a Class!

I write a lot about the health component of wellness, but that’s really only one small facet. To truly be well, we need to nurture and support all parts of ourselves as human beings. One very important way to do this is to develop ourselves creatively.

Having a pleasurable creative outlet can help us get in touch with the other opportunities for creativity in our everyday lives. Plus, it’s an opportunity for fun! One of my big goals with this blog is to encourage myself and my readers to have more fun with our lives. As strongly as I believe that wellness should be accessible to everyone, I believe it should *not* be a chore (at least, most of the time).

There are lots of low-cost classes out there, in almost any subject you can imagine. The only guidelines I suggest are: that you chose something that really excites you, and that you only stick with it if you’re actually having fun.

One year ago I chose to take guitar classes, because I had always secretly wanted to learn to play. It felt really good to know that I had that time set aside for my own development every week. I’ve also discovered that I’m not as passionate about this hobby as I’d hoped, so I’ll move on to something else soon (if you’re reading this, MT, I promise belly dancing classes will happen!).

Choose something new to try, and keep at it until you find something you love. Whether it’s music, or dance, or learning a new language, it will be time well spent.

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