Pushing Through

What a change a week can make in the spring! The upper 30’s that felt so balmy last week left me shivering yesterday. That returned sensation of permeability to the cold has tapped out some of the energy I was enjoying so much last week. Writing is a chore again. Fortunately, I know this is just a temporary block.

My temptation is to measure myself against last week. To try to force myself to be as productive (or more, right?) so I don’t lose any of the progress I made. Yet yesterday I did something pretty rare for a Tuesday; I gave myself the day off. Not in my usual weekday sense, where I am still writing and exercising and doing all the little things that keep my business running. No, I gave myself permission to be a total coach potato. I gave myself one day to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

So now it’s tomorrow, and I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks. Everything feels more clear today, including the fact that between the upswing in massages I’m giving and the downswing in the temperature outside, I need to let myself have some extra rest. You know what? I’m going to take the afternoon off. Whatever writing and cleaning and erranding I don’t get done? I’ll do it tomorrow.

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