Pausing for Pictures

I have a couple of posts planned to talk about how massage and mindfulness practice complement and enhance one another in the works, but for now I want to write about another area of my life where I have found a similar connection: photography.

The act of pausing to take a photo feels very similar to the act of pausing to investigate my emotional landscape. Both encourage me to fully inhabit the present moment and feel what it’s like to be in my body right then and there.

As an amateur photographer, mindfulness practice keeps my mind from wandering as I take in the natural beauty all around me. My mind is calm and untroubled while I frame my subject, and I am aware of any emotions I am feeling about the subject. It strengthens my patience as I wait for the right shot (especially helpful when I am trying to capture the movement of the waves), and enables me to appreciate the shot and then move on to next.

As a mindfulness practitioner, photography builds pauses into my walks; pauses which give me an opportunity to check back in and refocus if necessary. Adding photography into my walks has helped me regain a certain freshness in my perspective of the world around me. I have regained the ability to view parts of the world around me with a child-like wonder that strengthens the curiosity and friendliness to myself that is such an important part of mindfulness.

The sense I have of the interconnected nature of the ways my life is evolving on this journey of mine. It is an empowering realization.

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