An Adventurous Spirit

I’ve written before about the discipline it sometimes takes me to keep going forward in my wellness journey.  Discipline alone isn’t going to do it though. One of the reasons I have accomplished as much as I have so far is that I started from the perspective of an adventurer. I made a choice, which I have the option to continue to make every day, to experiment with different lifestyle changes just to see how I felt.

Diet and exercise are the areas I play with most frequently (please note that I am not a nutrition or exercise specialist, I work under professional guidance), and I like to try out new things every couple of months. I keep what helps me and don’t worry about the rest.

What seems to be so important about this is the way it adds a sense of fun to what could otherwise feel like chore. A good example is my current dietary experiment- I am doing a sugar detox. I have had a real sweet tooth for the past year or so, and I am a little worried about the cute cupcake bakery that’s close my apartment if I do successfully curb my cravings. So this detox could seem like a chore, or even a punishment, but I treat it like a fun experiment.

Blizzard Day
Before this year I never walked the mile to the beach. It didn’t seem “worth it”.


It’s a little change in perspective, but I think it makes a difference when you want to make a lifestyle change. Why not try to add a little lighthearted fun to your own journey?

Before this year I never walked the mile to the beach. It didn't seem "worth it".
Look at how beautiful it is, even on a cloudy day.


5 thoughts on “An Adventurous Spirit

  1. Wild. Im doing the same thing. 2 weeks in. Im actually doing full on candida,cleanse with my dr. But pretty chmu the same thing. I’ve done it before but this is the most pleasant detox ever. I’m actually enjoying cooking much more and really really enjoying eating in aeau that ihaven’t in a long time. Everything tastes better, if that makes sense in the scheme of it. Cool timing! I also love your attitude towards it.

    • How cool! I am really enjoying this program too. It doesn’t feel like work. I think food always tastes better when it isn’t eaten from that place of obligation or punishment, if that makes sense. By fully embracing this process as something cool I’ve avoided that trap. We’ll see what happens in week three when I have to give up everything with sugar (including fruit!) for a couple weeks. Enjoy your detox, we can be virtual buddies/support!

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