Inaugural AoaB post

This is the first of my monthly series of posts called “Adventuring on a Budget“, the plan is to post them on the last Wednesday of every month in 2015. This month’s post is going to be fairly short so I’d like to take some space to further clarify my intentions with this series.

Wellness is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and generally in the context of particular lifestyle brands. It’s often associated with wealth and privilege, and I get the sense that many people believe it’s a lifestyle choice they can’t afford to make. My intention with these posts is to dispel that notion. You can absolutely make wellness a part of your lifestyle without spending a lot of money on it. What it really takes is time, commitment, and creativity. In the past few years I have made this lifestyle change on a very limited budget, and I want to share that with the world.

I’m also writing these posts from the perspective of someone whose livelihood depends on having enough people willing and able to pay for my services. Even on my limited budget, I still pay most of the wellness professionals I see in cash. Much like I prioritized my time so that self-care activities come first, I prioritized my budget so that the things which most directly improve my well-being come before the things which are luxuries for me (going to the movies, eating out, etc.). I definitely want to encourage those of you who already work with health and wellness professionals to keep it up; and to encourage anyone who can to add these services into your life as needed.

One of the first resources I always look to for self-care ideas is the library. It’s so obvious, and yet it was years before I thought to really maximize my library use. Anytime I hear about a book that’s relevant to my current needs I check the library first. It’s almost never at my location, but CPL’s website makes it so simple to transfer the books I want from libraries all over Chicago.

You don’t have to live in a large city of take advantage of more than your own local library’s resources. Most libraries are part of inter-library lending systems to increase the number of books patrons have access to. When in doubt, reach out to one of your local librarians; they are what makes libraries so fantastic.

I’ve checked out so many books on self-care topics from meditation/mindfulness to cookbooks and dietary guides written by health professionals.I would absolutely not be where I am today without the help of my local library.

*I’d like to take this opportunity to copy the disclaimer from my “About” section:

This blog does not contain medical advice, nor should it be used as advice on exercise or diet. Those seeking advice should speak with your physician and any other appropriate health professionals. Adventuring Toward Wellness is intended for informational and fun purposes only. No liability of any sort is assumed for the use of this website.


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