Back off, ego

I recently had an interesting insight after giving a massage. I’ve been incorporating my mindfulness practice into sessions with some of my clients lately, and it seems to be improving the effectiveness of the sessions for them. I’ve really begun embracing my role as a facilitator of healing, and I’ve focused my intention away from “doing” work to creating a space where change can happen.

Many of my clients are perceiving this as energy work, and it seems like energy work to me too. There is a part of my brain that shies away from this categorization because it isn’t like the energy work I have been formally trained in. It’s not something I am actively doing (there’s that word again), it’s something that is happening spontaneously as we focus on particular parts of the client’s body.

The insight that I came to was that the part of me that wants to reject this is part of my ego. The change in my work is benefitting my clients, but it cannot be quantified or studied objectively. I cannot “prove” it to anyone, or explain it with pure logic. Therefore a part of me wants to dismiss it as wishy thinking (and star maths if any of you are fellow “IT Crowd” fans) and never tell anyone about these experiences.

Yet I know from my own experiences of receiving massage in a mindful state that it enhances the work for me. Do I really need mechanistic studies demonstrating effectiveness to accept that something more is happening when massage is given and received in a mindful state? Or is it more that my ego wants to post links to studies here to prove to you all that it makes a difference? I’ve come to believe it’s the latter.

I don’t need a specific name for the space my client and I are making during these mindful massages yet. We can both appreciate that change is happening, and they can get off the table feeling freer and looser. Names can come later.



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