New Inspiration

I joined Instagram with the sole intention of adding a little bit of extra motivation for me to do my daily walking in a fun way. The instant gratification of this new creative outlet has really inspired the other aspects of my life. I’m sure part of it is that I’ve taken to walking on the beach to get nicer shots than if I just walked through my neighborhood (look everyone, it’s a two-flat! Again!). I think it’s also that because I’ve chosen such a beautiful subject it is immensely satisfying to see how pretty my photos come out. This new outlet has enabled me to do a lot more writing than I was before; from writing a new business plan from scratch to the little verse I am about to post for you. I hope you enjoy, and find fun new ways to inspire yourselves!

A verse on mindful presence

Wind and waves crash

Against a shore made of sand and snow

Mind and body unite

With wonder at the spectacle

This moment holds the beginning and the end

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