Discipline and More Discipline

This post could potentially be subtitled, “Don’t do what Margaret did”, or maybe just, “Oops”.

I was talking with a client recently about how regimented we need to be about self-care. Has this ever happened to you? I had started to feel much better recently; I felt stronger, I had more energy, and my sleep had really improved. So I started to get a little bit lazy about my self-care. I would skip my nighttime meditation one day, skip my walk another, and I did a pretty poor job with my diet.

Then came the wrist flare-up. It wasn’t nearly as bad as a couple of them have been, but it didn’t respond to my go-to treatments. For about a week I just had to grit my teeth and live with it. It definitely brought home to me that for all my hard work so far, I’m still in a transitional period- my body still needs to build reserves. So it’s back to being regimented with my efforts. In fact, I’m actually experimenting with a couple of new radical self-care ideas.

There’s a bit of a silver lining to this tale of woe; I find that I’m not discouraged by this. It’s kind of fun to try to think up new ways to treat myself better. Plus, once I got back on track I seem to be recovering pretty quickly. That’s definitely a sign of progress in my book.

To my fellow adventurers, keep up the good work!

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