Hibernation Powers, Activate

And so it begins
And so it begins

Last night we had our first snow accumulation of the season in Chicago. I’m not a big fan of snow, but I usually get a little bit excited for the first snowfall or two. Not this year; last night I looked out my window with resignation. I don’t think I fully recovered from last winter, and now this year it’s starting early. So what now? It’s a good time to scale back a little on the demands I place on myself, that’s what.

I’m trying an experiment this late autumn/winter. I’m allowing my pace to slow down a little. I’m going to give myself a minimum of one day a week where I really let myself rest (and I’m going to try to make it two), where I stay cozy and work or nourishing myself for the rest of the week.

Today that means I have chili cooking on the stove and a dear friend coming over later to share it with. My music is super happy-making (the hair band station, don’t judge me) and my slippers are the fuzziest. I have also chatted with family and played my guitar. I think tomorrow will be easier because I took it easy today.

Let’s all try to treat ourselves and each other a little more gently this year, I’ll bet we could use more kindness and care. How about you, friends and readers? Do you plan to scale back? How will you nourish yourself in this season of darkness and cold?

One thought on “Hibernation Powers, Activate

  1. Q- How will I nourish myself?
    A- Meditating on what Winter brings and what it means. Finding the beauty. Expressing my appreciation to Winter. Dressing for the cold and staying dry.
    Q- Do I plan to scale back?
    A- There is no yard work to do, and it gets dark in the afternoon. I must spend more time indoors, although I never thought about it.
    (Admission: I love Winter)

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