You are Safe

There’s something about this time of year that seems to make some people feel more vulnerable (this is certainly true for me). I have some wild speculations about why that might be, but for the purposes of this post it doesn’t really matter.

One of my favorite people to give a massage to is the person who walks in my door feeling this vulnerability. The person who doesn’t want to be “fixed”, they want to be nurtured and feel attended to. When I work with this person, I am best able to embody my own sense of loving kindness. I am extra mindful of how I approach their body.

The truth about me is that I want everyone I encounter to feel safe and cared for. When someone comes to me seeking just those qualities, I feel my greatest sense of purpose. I love what I do, and these are some of the times I love it the most. Today was one of those days, and my heart is full.

One thought on “You are Safe

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