The Reluctant Cook

An old picture from what I lovingly refer to as, "Root veggie fest 2014".
An old picture from what I lovingly refer to as, “Root veggie fest 2014”.

Three things in life that I’ve never been a big fan of: grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen. I do all of these things when I need to, but I don’t do them with much cheerfulness. You might even call me cranky. Grudgingly is probably the best adjective to describe my approach to these chores.

That started to change for me recently. I realized that I was looking at the time I spent on these activities as taking away from time I should have been spending on my radical self-care [link] strategies. I think you can probably guess what my revelation about them was. Yes, taking the time to shop for healthy raw ingredients and preparing good meals for myself at home is doing self-care. It’s such an obvious thing, but I had never bothered to make the connection until that glorious day at Whole Foods Market when I bypassed all the convenience foods and treated myself not only to a variety of fresh veggies, I even splurged on scallops (okay, I confess, I did buy pudding, but nobody’s perfect!). Just the thought of going home with these lovely ingredients and making good meals for myself was incredibly joyful.

That’s the attitude that I kept bringing with me every time I went to cook myself a meal; it made me feel empowered, and pleased with myself for taking such an active role in my own well-being. I no longer grudge the time it takes me to shop for groceries and cook nice meals for myself, and that has been one of the most positive changes I have made in life recently.

I still dislike cleaning the kitchen though. Even if I’m no longer reluctant, my cooking is still very messy.

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