New Blog Title

After my last post* I realized that it was time to change the direction of this blog somewhat. I started it originally on the advice of my business mentor with two goals in mind: to improve my written communication skills, and to establish my authority and credentials in the massage profession. Both are worthy goals to be sure, but lately my heart hasn’t been in them and the blog has reflected that.

Instead of trying to present my book- and class-gained knowledge to friends, colleagues, and clients; I’d like to write more about my life credentials. Specifically my life credentials around pain. Because I have a lot of life experience with pain- I’ve been in pain of some sort for as long as I can remember. The wrist is really just the tip of the iceberg (though it is a sharp, pointy tip when it flares up). Rather than trying to mask this challenge from the world, I’d like to be open about it. Pain, especially chronic pain, is disempowering; I’m hoping to take some of that power back by writing honestly about my experiences trying to heal from chronic pain.

“Adventuring Toward Wellness” is the spirit I want to bring to my life, massage practice, and readers. I’m attempting to change own life on a fundamental level, and I’m doing that with as much joie de vivre as I can muster. That’s something that I’d like to share with clients and readers as well.

My compassion and empathy toward pain are well developed, because my strongest knowledge comes from living with it. Why hide that fact from all but a select number of people? I’ll embrace it instead and see where this adventure takes me.

*Yesterday’s practice in radical self-care: instead of going to the store to buy a few things I wanted for my business (note I did not say needed) I chose to go outside with a cup of chamomile & peppermint tea and a book. I spent that hour reading in the shade of a tree on the little grass strip behind my apartment building. I was so refreshed after that, I think I inspired one of my neighbors to do that same.


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