MLD and Qi

Lately I’ve been seeing more clients for MLD in my practice, in addition to increasing its presence in my own self-care; and an idea is forming in my mind about MLD from an energetic perspective. Way back in massage school we were always talking about how whenever you are moving blood, you are moving Qi. So why wouldn’t that be the case with lymph as well?

Part of the reason that I’ve only just started thinking about this is because of how Western ideology based my MLD training was. The discussion was limited to our current understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. No doubt that’s part of why the Vodder style of MLD is the most widely recognized in the medical profession.

Still, I’ve found that the most of my clients who really gravitate towards MLD are either themselves energy workers of some sort, or they are really sensitive to energy work in general. Obviously, this is a teeny, tiny sample, but this post is tagged “Musings” rather than “True Science Facts” so I think I’m okay.

Since it’s summer in the Midwest, many clients are coming in with Qi stagnation. The humidity causes dampness to build up in the body, and the Qi can’t flow freely (from a TCM perspective). This frequently presents as pain. So far, I’ve gotten a positive response using MLD (either exclusively or in combination with massage) in my clients who are looking to relieve stagnation.  As the summer continues, I’m curious to see if my practice will continue to support this idea, or if I’ll look back on this post in September and feel silly.

In unrelated news, Sphere has a proper website now. These are exciting times!