Becoming the “Best”

My guitar instructor sometimes teases me (in a nice way) about being a “practicer”. He’s pretty good at reading people, and adapting the class for our individual needs while supporting the group as a whole. I do think that he may be misinterpreting my practice habits though.

I used to consider myself a very competitive person; I once strained my left hamstring on a stationary bike trying to beat the computer people up a mountain (and this was well after I became a massage therapist and theoretically knew my own limits!). So the first time my teacher made that comment, it was a light bulb moment for me. I certainly wasn’t competing with the other students in my class, I don’t feel like I need to be the best. (Which is good, because some of these guys are just naturals.)

What I’m doing with my guitar practice is the same thing I’m doing with my massage practice; I’m trying to be my best. The very best Margaret I am capable of being. I try to spend the 30 minutes a day practicing guitar. I try to bring my A game to each and every massage.  Want to read what my personal mantra has been for the past seven months?

I am becoming my best possible self

That hamstring strain story? A perfect example of this. Because those computer people in the stationary bike program are going at a pace based on yours. In that sense, I was competing with myself. I beat that computer guy up that mountain, and then I limped around sadly for a couple of weeks. Lesson learned, or so I hope.

I don’t care about becoming the best, I don’t even believe such a thing is possible. I want to become my best. Which is something I think is worth striving for for the rest of my life (with the plenty of breaks to stop and enjoy the view, of course).

Well worth the pause for reflection
Well worth the pause for reflection

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