Updated Comments Policy

Hi Everyone,

I’d love it if you could all take a moment to review my comments policy. The new update actually makes it a little less strict (and how often does that happen?).

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my friends and loved ones with cancer. Their triumphs and challenges; their stories, basically. It made me realize that under the old policy of, “no questioning current treatments”, I was potentially silencing people who could really contribute to this space.

The reason for the older, stricter policy was that I started getting a lot of comments attacking the accepted medical treatment model for cancer in the U.S. If this were strictly a personal blog, I would probably have let them through. However, this blog is mostly professional, and a massage therapist is not entitled to a professional opinion on the treatment of disease. So, those comments got the old heave-ho.

I see a pretty big difference between comments like that, and people wanting to discuss their actual experience with treatment. Those perspectives are very valuable to me. I won’t be able to respond in much depth to them, just a sentence or two to express compassion and gratitude. For locals I can offer private recommendations of other professionals (counselors, psychologists, etc) when asked for.

Let’s see where this takes my little nook of the ‘Net. Thank you, as always, for taking the time to drop by.

Please be respectful of the community. Offensive language and/or ad hominem attacks are unwelcome.

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