3 Words

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working more closely with the exercise specialist at Heartwood, Hannah Mitch*. In addition to optimizing the exercise component of my self-care, she suggested that I might want to fine-tune my website. She felt that by emphasizing the gentleness of my work, I was oversimplifying or under representing  what I actually do.

I mulled it over for a while, but the truth is that her words immediately resonated with me. My work is gentle. But it isn’t necessarily superficial. It just isn’t forceful. The first thing I thought of was the tagline on my website, “Strength through gentleness”. I was never in love with it, but it was the best I had ever come up with to encapsulate what I was trying to be. Until now. I decided to find three words to represent who I am and what I do:

Knowledge. Strength. Heart.

These three words speak to the root of the practice I am trying to build, and they just feel right. I’d like to play a little bit with what they mean about my practice for anyone interested.

Knowledge- This speaks to my cerebral/scientific mind. I run an evidence-based practice, and try to keep up with the research coming out about massage (oncology massage in particular). I also try to educate my clients in the research and self-care whenever possible- preferably without talking their ears off!

Strength- This word is the one that stayed from my old tagline. I am a strong massage therapist, both in knowledge and technique. My strength is not necessarily immediately obvious, when I need to wear my wrist brace it seems especially hidden, but it’s there. I can- and do- work with deeper structures when needed and appropriate.

Heart- The soil in which my practice grows. It represents both the intuition I tap into to help me meet a client’s needs. As well as the loving/care-taking self I bring to every session. This aspect of my practice, this inner light, is what many of my clients respond to the most strongly.

These three words appeal to me, because I see myself as a holistic practitioner- Knowledge. Strength. Heart. Look at it another way- Mind. Body. Spirit.

*I cannot speak highly enough of Hannah’s work. My first session with her was a revelation, it’s exciting to see how my quality of life started to improve after it. I know in the sessions to come I’m going to feel even better.

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