March MLDness

A few weeks back I wrote about my upcoming promotional offer, and shamelessly plugged my newsletter. That email went out on March 10th, so for those of you who missed it (and for the curious who didn’t miss it, per se) here’s the offer:

From now through April 11, 2014, get 15 minutes of free Manual Lymphatic Drainage added on to a 60 or 90 minute massage. All you have to do is mention this offer when booking the appointment.

Ta da! MLD for everybody (except for anybody with certain health conditions, like untreated congestive heart failure).

Here’s a quick reminder of the general effects of MLD:

  • It decongests tissues;  by increasing the uptake of fluid into the lymphatic system
  • It’s soothing; the gentle strokes promote a parasympathetic response
  • It’s analgesic; the nociceptive substances get pulled away from your tissues with the fluid
  • It can move fluid out of blocked areas (as in lymphedema management)

Even a 15 minute treatment to the neck is going to deliver some of these effects. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: MLD is one of my favorite modalities to receive. In fact, on the day I wrote this post I had a treatment to my neck and right arm to reduce the wrist pain flare-up I’m currently experiencing. It knocked my pain down from an 8-9/10 with certain movements down to a 5/10. That’s an excellent result!

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