Trying Something New

Continuing with the resolution theme from last week, it seems like a good time for me to write about my next active marketing project.

You may have noticed that there’s a new page on the blog, “Newsletter”. Yup, I’ve started a mailing list and will be writing a monthly e-newsletter to send out. I’m envisioning it as being interesting, informative, and brief. Anyone interested can sign up for it on that page or on my website.

The other fun developments from this past week are my foray into proper bookkeeping, and getting the final supplies for my massage room. The former is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, though I do spend a fair amount of time arguing with my laptop. The latter is just satisfying. I’ve been wanting a mirror for a long time, so it was very exciting to find a nice one from a local business close to Heartwood. (That would be The Mexican Shop on Dempster.)

On the personal side, I’ve been doing the January Cure on Apartment Therapy, which has been a fun challenge so far. I’m hoping that by getting rid of some of my extraneous stuff, I’ll be making room in my life for better things. And hopefully those things will be metaphorical rather than physical- less clutter.

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