Yes, a Resolution Post

As a general rule I try to keep New Year’s Resolutions to a minimum. Probably because I don’t have a great track record of sticking with them past February or March (does anyone? I’d like to know their secret).  This year I’ve decided to frame some planned changes as resolutions to make them more seasonally appropriate. I had already decided that 12/2013 was going to be more of a soft open for the business as I sort out some issues and learn to use my credit card reader. 2014 is when I plan to begin trying to really get things going. In light of that, I have made a couple of “resolutions” to start out the new year.

The first is to be more active in marketing my practice. Most of my ideas are pretty standard, but I have a couple cool things to try out too. The first idea is a tried and true one.  Announcing…

The referral discount! Send me a new client and you get $10 off your next massage when they show up for their appointment. Make sure they tell me who sent them (preferably once when booking, and again at the start of the actual appointment). You can save them up and get a free massage if you want, or use them right away. I might even make it transferable, though I can foresee some difficulties with that.

The second is a resolution that is both professional and personal. I want to be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate. To other people, yes, and also to myself.

This is an interesting article making the social networking rounds. I am a goal-oriented person (kind of), but I like the idea of switching to systems. I mean, anything that stops people from injuring themselves during work outs gets the Margaret (Harbor) Seal of Approval.

How about you? Any resolutions, goals, or systems you want to share here? Or how about suggestions for sticking to resolutions?

3 thoughts on “Yes, a Resolution Post

  1. That’s a great article you shared, and being an engineer at heart I’m fully accepting of systems in place of goals. Regarding resolutions I recently heard an ‘expert’ saying that fantasizing about achieving your goal/resolution is counterproductive b/c you lose motivation by feeling like you already did it. She said to envision obstacles to your goal and plan for how you will navigate them. That advice supports the system vs goal idea, but I really think motivational methods are very personal. If I didn’t fantasize at least a little about how great it will be to achieve my goal, I might not even stick with my system!

    • I agree, I need to focus on the positive at least a little bit. Maybe a balance between planning obstacle navigation, and imagining achievement.
      Before the start of every month I set a goal of how many clients I want to see. I set conservative numbers, but I like having something measurable like that. I should reread the article though, because he has pretty good marketing ideas.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nikki, I definitely appreciate the engineering perspective!

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