Why “Restorative”?

I use the description “Therapeutic/Restorative” in my marketing instead of the standard “Therapeutic”. Why do I do that?

The short answer is that I am trying to make it as easy as possible for clients who are looking for massage that is both gentle and effective to find me. There are so many massage therapists out there who specialize in deep tissue and sports, it can be challenging to find one who believes strongly in the benefits of work that is lower in intensity.

Back when I was brainstorming with a friend about how to best market my skills, she suggested that I include “Restorative”. It’s a great word, and I think it describes my sessions really well (she is someone who has had many massages with me over the years, so she is definitely familiar with my work). I add “Therapeutic” because I don’t think that massage is either or gentle or therapeutic, it can be both of those things. At least, that’s true of my work.

The longer answer involves an anecdote. About my own journey towards wellness. I used to be one of those clients who wanted my massages to be really intense. Really, really intense. I would see the person with the reputation for the hardest pressure and say, “Give me all you’ve got. As much of my body as you can cover, with as much pressure as you can.”. I’d get off the table and feel great. Ready to take on the world. Until the evening when I’d be exhausted. And the next day when I felt like I had the flu. I’d just think to myself that I hadn’t had enough water after my massage. Yeah, that was it, I was dehydrated.

Then one day a colleague came to see me. When I asked how I could be of help, she said there was nothing wrong, she just wanted to relax and be nurtured. And I just had this visceral reaction to her statement. I wanted a massage like that. So that’s what I started asking for. And once I found the right people to ask, I felt just as great as I used to after the really deep massages but without the crash. I felt restored and ready to help other people again.

Now, that’s me, and my body. If it sounds like it might be you too, I think it’s time we met.

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